Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oil, Guns and Money: Texas and Saudi Arabia

Curious to compare some telling statistics of both Texas and Saudi Arabia, here are some of my findings:


Saudi Arabia = 27+ million (2010)
Texas = 25+ million (2010)

Percent of population living in urban areas, ca. 2010:

Saudi Arabia = 82%
Texas = 86%  (urban cowboys?)

Land mass:

Saudi Arabia = 829,995 square miles
Texas = 268,580 square miles

Petroleum extraction (millions of barrels per day):

Saudi Arabia = 27
Texas = 12


Saudi Arabia (2010) = ca. 27
Texas (under Gov. Rick Perry, ten year average) = 22/year
(total executions under Perry since 2000 = 235 to date, give or take a head)

Literacy Rates:

Saudi Arabia (2010) = ca. 96-98% (but I've also come across estimates of 78/85% women/men for 2006)
Texas (2003) = ca. 81%

Voting Participation:

Saudi Arabia =  25% or less of eligible voting population (male only)
Texas (2010) = 38% of registered voters, 27% of all eligible voting age population

Annual Exports:

Saudi Arabia = Approximately 15% of its oil goes to the USA
Texas = Approximately 33% of all exports go to Mexico

Any thoughts on these statistics?  One thing that will drive change, is driving change: massive demographic shifts, including more concentrated urbanization, in both Saudi Arabia and Texas, with overall younger populations.

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the walking man said...

Well that pretty much explains how the house of Saud came to own the Texas politicians.

Charles Gramlich said...

Every time I go through Texas I'm amazed at how much Dallas has grown. Soon I wonder if it'll be Texas, or just Dallas.

pattinase (abbott) said...

A match made in hell. said...

I read somewhere that OPEC was an older arm of the Texas Railway Company.