Tuesday, October 18, 2011

John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

If you were curious about jazz and had no idea where to go, I'd suggest John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane, for sure. But: this is deep inner-worldly (and other-worldly) stuff, not fluff. Fair warning.

I found myself digging A Love Supreme (1965) from the very first listen, under the age of 21. But jazz can also be an aquired adult taste after a period of open-eared open-minded immersion, too. Works either way.

An added bonus for me: A Love Supreme was recorded on my birthday, December 9, in 1964.

Today's Rune: Joy.  

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Charles Gramlich said...

The Coltrane name is so familiar to me from reading 'about' him in fictional settings and nonfic ones, but I don't know much about his music. I need to address that lack.