Friday, November 25, 2011

Orange Crush: Black Pepper-spray Friday

Orange pepper-spray, Black Friday, Christmas just around the corner of time. What a world. Meanwhile, another excellent day in and around Saxapahaw capped off by Mongol (2007), an absorbing flick I'll post about soon, if all goes as planned.

Has everyone gotten a chance to see the "pepper-spray cop meme" galloping around the globe quicker than a Mongol messenger (such as the example above)? Love it.

A lot going on here, there, in Egypt and everywhere. I spent $5 on a book about Ben Franklin and his correspondents that looks pretty cool, and certainly of continued relevence, given Franklin's defense of human rights, evolving opposition to slavery, mentorship of free libraries, stewardship of the postal system and championship of free speech, freedom of assembly and civil society in general, all while remembering to have an electrifyingly good time while he was at it. To all that and more -- cheers! 

Today's Rune: Harvest.


Erik Donald France said...

"Multiple Wal-Mart Pepper Spray Black Friday attacks erupted this morning, days after Lt John Pike’s pepper spray attack at UC Davis. . ." LA Latenews 11/25/11

the walking man said...

If it works for the cops then it has to be all right for those Wal-Mart hound dogs. "I am going to get one of those damn X boxes motherfucker" *SPRAY* "Got mine bitch"

Have you read the specs for pepper spray in use today?

15,000,000-18,000,000 on the Scoville scale of capsaicin. The woman who miscarried in Portland the doctors say the pepper spray got in her blood stream and killed her fetus.

Charles Gramlich said...

I saw where a woman pepper sprayed some other shoppers. I couldn't stop laughing, not because it was funny, which it certainly was not, but because of the absolute bizarreness of it.

jodi said...

Erik, no Black Friday shopping for me-I'd rather take a beating. Instead read the new Joan Didion. Much more soothing!

Erik Donald France said...

Hey y'all, thanks for the comments -- much appreciated~~!