Saturday, December 10, 2011

Memoranda from 1920


Fine Custom Tailoring
1184 Russell Street

What messages does this Memo Book 1920 deliver to the 21st century? We still have memo books and calendars and we are looking into remaking urban spaces and walking cities. Seems as if we could benefit by returning to custom tailoring and local manufacturing.

A neighbor gave me this little artifact after the death of one of her relatives, presumably the original owner, about ten years ago. There are two names listed in the addresses section, in pencil:

Carol Turner and Ophelia F. Baker (Balker?]: Friends, girlfriends, relatives, choice customers -- a story there somewhere, no doubt. Every artifact has a story to tell, but not every aspect of any artifact can be deciphered easily. Therein remains the mystery.

Today's Rune: Initiation.


Erik Donald France said...

According to the 1920 Michigan census, there were 28 people recorded with the name Ophelia and 116 with the name Carol (w/mostly Eastern European background, it looks like). Neither of these two are listed as far as I can tell.

Erik Donald France said...

In 1920, Nathan Feinberg was 34; born in Ukraine, first language, Yiddish. Married to Molly (29), also of Ukraine, sons Emmanuel and Herman. (1920 Census)

Anonymous said...

Erik, interesting. Reminds me of some of the records I have looked at on! I love picking thru things like this.