Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everything's All Left and Right

Here, Godard (with co-director Jean-Pierre Gorin) plays off the 1968 Paris-and-global uprisings to ask a bunch of pointed questions about the socio-economic structure of modern societies. One of the coolest techniques of Tout va bien / Everything's All Right (1972) is the use of slow cutaway tracking shots to show power relationships in a meat factory. It's like a play influenced by Bertolt Brecht.

The questions raised are entirely universal and relevant in 2012. So now let's ask: what is most important in determining a person's worldview, right here and now?

a. Geography
b. Language
c. Culture
d. Education (self- or institutional)/Literacy
e. Age
f. Gender
g. Family
h. Religious views
i. Race
j. Ethnicity
k. Zeitgeist (Spirit of the Times)
l. Sexual orientation
m. Diet
n. Calendar year/season
o. Housing
p. Income/monetary valuation
q. Strength of social-health safety net
r. Health status
s. X, y, z variables
t. Violence, safety
u. Water availability
v. Food availability
x. Shelter availability
y. Forms of governmental authority
z. Mobility, freedom of movement

Today's Rune: Journey.

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jodi said...

Erik, yes, answering A-Z should give anyone a clear perspective. We are so environmentally influenced!