Monday, January 02, 2012

George Washington's Teeth

Started off the first weekday of 2012 with a root canal and am glad to have it over with. Over the break, saw a George Washington exhibit that focused a lot on his improvised replacement teeth and so today was glad to to be able to avail myself of modern dentistry. Among other things, Washington developed a prodigious whiskey distillery and, not unrelatedly, put down the Whiskey Rebellion; the spirits helped him through many a toothache. Today, I was given shots that numbed the whole area and even now I feel little to no direct pain, a far cry from a similar procedure even as recently as twelve years ago.    

Had any memorable dental work in your life? Do tell . . . By the way, the two best dentists who've fixed my teeth recently happen to be women.

Today's Rune: Defense.

4 comments: said...


I've had so many root canals.

Now I've got plastic uppers...Not sure if they are an improvement over old George Washington.

the walking man said...

What did George die of? Lead poisoning? Why the hell would I want to remember any dental procedures? But I remember plenty of shots of whiskey!

jodi said...

Erik, Happy that the root canal went off okay. My brother in law is a dentist and I worked for him chairside for years. He is very progressive and had televisions with headphones 25 years ago! I always scheduled myself when I could catch 'Guilding Light'! Much of his work now is done with lasers!

jodi said...

O.K. I used a ridiculous amount of !'s considering the subject was dentistry!!