Friday, January 06, 2012

The Republican Contenders

Here's my quick take on the Republican contenders for president of the US, up against Barack Obama and each other in 2012.

Frontrunner: Mitt Romney. Here's a guy not particularly well-liked by many in his own party. This would be a problem for him if he won the election, no doubt. Says he would expand the military by 100,000 personnel, and somehow prevent Iran from developing and acquiring nuclear weapons. Socially, his Mormon background would be somewhat balanced by experience as governor of Massachusetts and Detroit nativity. Presidency might be something like George Bush the father.

Ron Paul. Constitutionalist, not liked by many in his own party because too libertarian. I agree with him that civil liberties need to be safeguarded, the empire is over-extended, and the War on Drugs is bullshit for the most part; but I disagree with him on many specifics beyond these principles. May run for president outside the Republican Party when the chips fall. At 76, this is it for him as far as presidential runs.

Newt Gingrich. Latter day Catholic, mostly in it for himself. A hypocrite and all-around ass, pretty much a joke at this point except for potentially, like a termite, chewing at Romney's wooden legs.

Rick Santorum. Cartoon Catholic, cardboard stances on most issues. Angling for a VP spot. How does Romney-Santorum sound to him? A complete dip in the league of Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle. I am all too familiar with his spewings from my time living in Philadelphia in the early 1990s.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.  Not unlike fellow Mormon Mitt Romney, though maybe a little sharper, and a little less popular among Republicans.  

Rick Perry. Evangelical Christian, narrowly provincial outlook. Bought and paid for in Texas, total dip on the national stage. Why he's bothering to stay in at least through South Carolina may say as much about the nature of South Carolina's Republican milieu as it does about Perry's ego, and Perry's financial backers.

Wild cards: If something happens to Romney; billionaire gadfly candidates (Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump) enter the fray (for a second time in this cycle, if Trump does it).

It's no secret that I'm going for Obama. Your thoughts?  

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Adorably Dead said...

I wonder how Trump would handle our economy? ;p I need to do more research on the candidates still, but this was helpful and insightful!

Anonymous said...

Nice write up. I agree with Ron Paul on our overextension and the war on drugs. That's about it. Romney is a venture capitalist, and rewrites history to support his job creation claims. Enjoyed the read Erik. MW

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm not particularly happy with Obama, but when I look at the other side he looks amazingly good in contrast.

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks all, for the comments -- much appreciated!