Sunday, January 08, 2012


The way people communicate is quite varied. If I wanted to be, I could be live-connected to scores of people. But I prefer some buffer, some boundary most of the time. Live chat to me is like someone getting too near to my person, like some cross-cultural faux pas. A little distance is a good thing -- time to think and respond better. 

What works for me on a regular basis:

Mobile phone/cell phone with caller ID. Yes.
In person, face-to-face: Yes.
Texting (sporadically):  Yes.
Mail (snail mail, physical mail): Yes.
Other physical forms of shipping: Yes.
Email/courriel/Le courrier électronique: Yes.
Blogs/Web logs with interactive comments: Yes.
Facebook: Yes -- with voluntary limits on tagging and personal/family information.
Twitter: Ditto.
Linkedin. Ditto. 
Digital photography. Yes. 


Landline/fixed line telephone (at work or when visiting only).
Instant Messaging (IM).
Courier dispatches.

Have used in the past but not in the 21st century:

Overseas cable message.

How about you? 

Today's Rune: The Mystery Rune.  


Anonymous said...

Erik, I use cell and landline with caller i.d. I text some, and facebook some. Blogging is my favorite. I prefer most people at arms length and will edit what I feel I need to. I truly hate that people can always find you if you let them and that you have to apologize for not taking/missing a call. No privacy!!!

Adorably Dead said...

I like IM or text a lot more than I do talking to people on the phone...or sometimes even in person. Then again I've gotten a lot more seclusive over the years as well. Should probably work on that. :p

pattinase (abbott) said...

As someone who worked for the telephone company and talked on the phone all day, I hate that form of communication. I prefer emails to snail mail because you can be short.
Never text-too short.