Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fort Donelson, 1862

150 years ago this week: The Battle of Fort Donelson, February 11-16, 1862. My great great grandfather Samuel France saw his first major fighting here, serving in Company E, 31st Indiana, Cruft's brigade on the Union right flank. (Map by Hal Jespersen, 2011, Wiki Commons). 

Here the 31st Indiana lost 15 killed or mortally wounded, 46 non-mortally wounded and 1 missing, or 62 total. Overall Union victory. Estimated 2,691 total Union casualties; estimated 13,846 total Confederate casualties (the majority of them prisoners the day after their curtailed breakout attempt).   

Today's Rune: Defense.


the walking man said...

Looks to me they would have gone faster flanking right, feinting left and the big push right up the middle to the fort. Why concentrate 3 divisions to the right where the strong side was and they were furthest from their objective.

Just proves that even back then the Peter Principle dictated promotion through the ranks.

Charles Gramlich said...

Few of my ancestors were ever involved in battles that I know of. Perhaps I need to find out more because I'm sure some had to be.

jodi said...

Erik-how did Gramps fare? Too bad he couldn't have related the story to you personally. Cuein' up for some Friday night lemon drop martinis-bottoms up and have yourself a great weekend!