Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vinyl Daze 1984 and 2012

No cellphones, no internet, no digital for the general populace. It's 1984 and these are artifacts for 2012.  In Chapel Hill in '84, you can get a fair deal on used records. 8 Track tapes ("Stereo 8") are dead, cassette mixes are raging. CDs are in the pipeline -- dressed in long boxes resembling thin caskets. People are afraid to shell out big bucks for such little products without the extra dressing. Shops include Schoolkids Records, Record Bar and Sam Goody. Pictured above is a 1984 snapshot of my records, with two Iggy Pop albums out front and center -- The Idiot (1977) and Lust for Life (1977).

The Relics, one of the bands that in 1984 plays the Cat's Cradle.

THE RELICS will debut at the Cradle on Thursday, March 29th [1984]. . . They cite their musical influences as Kenny Randall, John Lennon, Iggy Pop, and all their musical peers . . . The Relics are: Tom Scheft on drums, Russell Proops on vocals, Jeff Biddell on bass and vocals . . . Mike Evans on keyboards, Jim Choong on guitar, and Jim Carleton on guitar . . .

Today's Rune: The  Mystery Rune.


Charles Gramlich said...

I could use a few more Iggy Pop tunes.

Anonymous said...

Now I wanna be your snob!