Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Walk Along the Río Trinidad

I'm often hiking urban parks and trails. Walking, really. As someone pointed out years ago, hiking is really just walking. It's particularly interesting to me to absorb a mix of cityscape, landscape and mingling ecosystems, at a pace that is sometimes fast, sometimes meandering.

In this case, here are a few photos taken along the way, comprising more than one walk, actually, along the  Arkikosa, the Río Trinidad, where it flows through the Fort Worth area. Above is a shot from inside historic Oakwood Cemetery, looking across the river at downtown.

Here's a look at "T" Park, with railroad trestle, still in the vicinity of the Río Trinidad.  There are bunches of trails, and a diverse range of park-goers, especially on moderate weather days, at this location.  

This is right down close by a bank of the Río Trinidad. There are at least three animals in this picture. Some riparian creatures are better concealed than others, certainly.

Today's Rune: Flow.  

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Charles Gramlich said...

yes, I see them. Great reflection of the heron in the water.