Thursday, April 19, 2012

Czech Stop: West, Texas

Coming at you from Austin, Texas. On the way down, ducked into the Czech Stop in West, Texas, featuring the Little Czech Bakery. It's as superb as ever: Czech food (including kolaches), Czech beer (including the eccentric Czech Rebel pilsner), Czech writing (pivo) -- yes! It's all good -- just like a treasured stop on the great Route 66 or any of the excellent roadside attractions of way back when along various two-lane blacktop routes.

It was quite a little while ago when I first checked this out (pun intended, if lame). In fact, it was nineteen years ago coming through. Yes, Czechs came to Texas before that, and so did Germans.

Tomorrow there'll more interesting stuff to look for in various places. Pictured above: nifty little bakery bags (or sacks, as many in Texas call them). Made in Chicago, by the way.

Happy trails, my friends . . .

P.S. Nineteen years ago today was the final raid on the Branch Davidian compound, the one where many died, including David Koresh, outside of Waco, which I passed just about fifteen minutes after leaving the Czech Stop.

Today's Rune: Defense.


the walking man said...

I don't know if any were still open but there used to be a great set of Chzech and Hungarian restaurants over in SW Detroit where Mexican Town is now.

That was when i found out that Goulash was more than mushroom soup and noodles hah ha aha ha ha

Charles Gramlich said...

I go down Austin way once in a while. Will keep my eye open for this place.