Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buzzcocks: Whatever Happened to Those Burning Books?

One of the great joys of doing a paid internship in London in 1991 was easy access to beautiful, fantastic music and theatre venues. I made the most of it. One of many great shows was put on by The Buzzocks at the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town, Camden, London (now the HMV Forum), 9-17 Highgate Road NW5, on June 16, 1991. The Town and Country was in the former Forum, a gorgeously appointed Art Deco cinema building built in 1934 with a 2175 capacity that has gone through various reuses ranging from bingo to dance hall to music club. As of 2012, it continues as a major music venue that now holds 2350 people.  

The Buzzcocks (or just Buzzcocks) formed in Manchester in 1976 and have been playing for decades, with breaks of various duration. Style? A blend of The Ramones and The Kinks plus Squeeze. High energy and high emotion, funny and elegiac, catchy ditties, with generally "thin" vocals by Pete Shelley.

Note: Karl Marx (1818-1883) lived at 9 Grafton Terrace in Kentish Town from the 1850s until his death. "To discover the various uses of things is the work of history" -- Marx, Das Kapital, Volume 1, 1867.

Today's Rune: Journey.   


pattinase (abbott) said...

The theater and music seemed cheaper in UK when we've been there. Never heard of this group though.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've heard of 'em but I don't know if I've really listened to any of their songs.