Saturday, June 09, 2012

Coffee 'Round Midnight

When I lived in Chapel Hill, the music scene was very eclectic. Talking Heads in October, Sonny Rollins in November, indie bands at local clubs in between. Always choices, always some new experience. As a permanent state of mind, this dynamic was well established in those moments. 

Sonny Rollins was -- and still is at 81 -- a prodigious jazz sax player, composer and innovator. He's played with Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Max Roach and Coleman Hawkins, among others. He did the Alfie soundtrack (the 1966 original with Michael Caine) and he backed the Rolling Stones on "Waiting for a Friend" and other Tattoo You (1981) tracks. Cool guy.

Today's Rune: Joy.  

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Charles Gramlich said...

Sonny Rollins is 81? wow. He always seemed fairly old to me, but not that old.