Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finck's "Detroit Special"

Here's an advertisement for Finck's "Detroit Special" Overalls. Year: 1916. The Great War is raging "over there," and down Mexico way, there's an ongoing revolution. US troops will soon be massing on the border in response to raids orchestrated by General Francisco Pancho Villa. Everywhere, the railroad is big time.

So, in fine copy for the times:


This man is ready for anything that railroading can offer -- Food from Home -- and a suit of Finck's "Detroit Special" Overalls which "Wear Like a Pig's Nose."

Slogans are in. Propaganda is in full gear, too, thanks to the mass industrialization of economy and war. All aboard for funtime!

YOU Railroaders who want the most for your money should always ASK for and GET the overalls with the "Pig's Nose" ticket.

Write if your dealer hasn't them!

W. M. Finck & Company Detroit, Michigan.

The ticket is your guarantee. Insist on it.

$1.25 $1.15 $1.10 $1.00

Today's Rune: Journey. (Source: Milwaukee Railway . . . January 1916).

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