Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Woodmans: Take One

Through its insightful exploration of one particular family system, Scott Willis' The Woodmans (2010, 2011) delivers a strong and compelling documentary that inspires thought about anyone and everyone's place in the world.

Take a nuclear family of one mother and one father, one son and one daughter, and watch them all pursue the same calling -- what happens over time?  In the case of the Woodmans, they are all artists working with different media, but they could just as easily be four chefs specializing in four different cuisines or four athletes pursuing four different sports, as if one was a golfer, one a basketball player, one a runner and one a football player. Interesting. But then amp the story. One, possibly the most talented of the family, commits suicide. What next?

Meet the Woodmans: Betty (née Abraham, b. 1930), ceramics; George Woodman (b. 1932), painting and then photography; Charlie (b. 1955), electronic art; Francesca (1958-1981), photography and journaling. That's the basic set up.

(To be continued).
Today's Rune: Growth.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I should see this. We talk a lot about the difficulties of being artistic in this world