Sunday, July 15, 2012

Al Green: Take Me to the River

Nearly finished Al Green's frank and thoughtful Take Me to the River: An Autobiography (with Davin Seay. Chicago Review Press, 2009; originally published in 2000). Green delves into his childhood (when he was Albert Greene) in and around the small crossroads town of Jacknash, Arkansas -- about halfway between Little Rock and Memphis, Tennessee. Then on to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where his parents dragged him and his siblings when Al was nine (if memory serves). Next, muddling through school, singing, Mother Bates' gospel, thinking about Jackie Wilson and Detroit, joining a band. Next, getting kicked out of the family home by his father (not without reason) and taking up with Juanita, a lonely prostitute. Eventually, dropping the e from his name and becoming Al Green. And onward, through many trials and setbacks, until he makes it big after settling in Memphis -- with a lot of help and guidance along the way.

I'm adding this one to my favorite books list.

Today's Rune: Gateway.      

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jodi said...

Erik, Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" is one of my all time favorite songs! So very smooth!