Monday, July 30, 2012

London Journal, 1991

I'm so glad I kept this London journal constructed in 1991 and packed with all sorts of details. This was written just before the launch of the "World Wide Web." My biggest sources of news and information at the time?  Word of mouth, newspapers, magazines and letters -- and to a much lesser extent while on my US/ICOMOS internship in London -- TV and radio.

Macaulay Road, Clapham, Lambeth, London SW4 OQX -- boarding at the house of John and Marina Dunbar Adams.

June 28/29, 1991 History is alive and well today. To enumerate a few points:

German voters narrowly voted to remove the "unified" capital to Berlin, for the first time since Hitler's death. [East Berlin had served as capital of the DDR; Bonn had for the BRD].

The Soviets around Leningrad decided to rename their city St. Petersburg, as in the days of the Czar.

Slovenians have decided, along with Croatians, to declare secession from Yugoslavia -- in a fit of self-delusive insanity -- thus Civil War.

Margaret Thatcher announced standing down as M.P. [Member of Parliament] from the House of Commons, but considers a run for the House of Lords. Major blathering over the EC [European Community] by scared Conservatives.

Soviets pulled out of Czechoslovakia ahead of schedule; dissidents can finally shave.

The main Channel Tunnel is opened, meeting halfway between France & England.

An alleged IRA bomb was found in Central London.

Meanwhile, back in the USA:

Thurgood Marshall resigned from the Supreme Court, leaving the  Conservatives free to choose another justice (gasp). [He was succeeded by Clarence Thomas].

Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship (Hooray!).

Cataclysm and aftershock -- weeds in the wreckage.

Today's Rune: Harvest.


Adorably Dead said...

Haha, I was 6 in 1991. :p

Sometimes I forget that I was alive to experience a time before the internet.

Very cool post mein fruende.

the walking man said...

Where Thurgood Marshall was eloquent and reasoned in his questioning you can't even get Thomas to open his damned mouth. What a whore in a group of them.