Saturday, July 21, 2012

Something Good

Spiral Diner at opening time from a corner booth

When dining out in Fort Worth, I don't always eat vegan meals, but when I do, my first choice is Spiral Diner. Today was the first time I'd been there at opening time. Within half an hour, it was nicely filled up with diners. Spiral Diner (at 1314 West Magnolia Avenue) is an interesting place. The food is superb and competitively priced, the staff is cool, and the ambience bright and cheerful.  

Super Summer Salad: A blue plate special. With side of seasoned vegan sausage.

Note: There's a second Spiral Diner & Bakery in Oak Cliff, Dallas. 

Here's a link to the regular menus:   

Today's Rune: Separation (Reversed).   


the walking man said...

I'm a gonna have to learn to eat my vegetables because I soon won't be able to afford meat. so does dog really taste like chicken?

Charles Gramlich said...

What's in a Vegan sausage?

Erik Donald France said...

Charles, I'll have to ask about Vegan sausage ingredients at Spiral. But here's a link to an article about various types:

WM, no idea on how dogs taste and not planning to try it. . .

jodi said...

Erik-that salad looks heavenly. Salads are my specialty and normally what I'm requested to bring at pot lucks. This summer I'm doing a bacon, egg, and tomato salad! Usually it's soy in vegan meat products. Bon Appetit!