Saturday, July 07, 2012

Woody Allen: To Rome With Love, Take Two

Second day, second venue for the Woody Allen tour of To Rome With Love (2012). I liked it both times, but better at the Magnolia at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for $6.50. Why, I'm not entirely sure. Too many variables. I was sitting closer to the screen. The sound quality was superior. The audience was more responsive. There were negative ions from a passing thunder storm. I knew the plot and now could look at other aspects of the film. Maybe all of the above. How about you? How many times can you watch a movie? Does it matter where, or how? Have you ever seen a movie on a tiny TV screen and then later at a movie house and been blown away? I have. This is why I believe in the cinema. It's not about money at all: one can always find a good deal. It's about choice and preference. Oh yeah, and effort.
Alessandro Tiberi and Penélope Cruz in To Rome With Love (2012) 

It's weird because typically one can easily listen to an album or music download over and over, maybe playing the same tracks immediately in a row or maybe over several weeks or months. We might read the same book two or more times. And here I am watching the same film two days in a row in two different places. In the words of someone I overheard the other day, "Why you do that?" Free country. Better Woody Allen than a shopping mall or Wal*Mart. None-your-business, really. My life, my choice. Now, get out my way and remember this -- to thine own self be true and the devil chase the rest.   

Today's Rune: Separation (Reversed).  


pattinase (abbott) said...

Although my three companions liked this movie, I didn't much care for it. With each couple, he blamed the woman for seducing a man. Once that occurred to me, I couldn't get past it. Also there was not enough good material in any of the stories to sustain it. Disappointing after a better time in Paris last summer.

jodi said...

Erik, I haven't seen this one yet. But I sometimes will watch movies over and over to catch innuendos that I missed on another go 'round.