Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jean Vigo avec Boris Kaufman: À propos de Nice

Set above, in and around Nice, France, Jean Vigo's À propos de Nice [more or less "About Nice"] (1930) lasts only twenty-five minutes, but every scene bursts with exuberance. In such a relatively short time frame, Vigo and cinematographer Boris Kaufman managed to capture a number of things: the contradictions and absurdities of socio-economic classes, the energy and disparities of twentieth century life between world wars, technological changes in process, adjustments in gender presentation, and gaps between rich and poor. Most importantly, it bustles with life! 

Less than five years after making À propos de Nice, Vigo was dead from TB. Kaufman continued to work and subsequently shot many very well-known films -- ranging from On the Waterfront (1954) to 12 Angry Men (1957).

Today's Rune: Movement.