Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life On Mars

Was there life on Mars? Is there life on Mars? Will there be life on Mars? In reponse to the first two questions, I truly don't know the answer; but as far as the third question goes, the answer is yes. Right here, right now on Earth are people who will be, later in this century, as taikonauts, cosmonauts and astronauts -- or as all three together -- scampering around the surface of the Red Planet, exploring craters and mountains, and probably looking for good places to start a base camp and colony. That's pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.

And don't you know it, somebody out there will be playing David Bowie tunes on whatever crazy little delivery methods they've dreamed up in the meantime.

"Oh, man, look at those Cavemen go / It's the freakiest
show . . ."

Can you dig?

After Mars, next stop is . . .  [fill-in-the-blank].

Today's Rune: Wholeness. 


the walking man said...

No need to dig--they have discovered ancient lava tubes that are well insulated and underground...Total Recall.

Charles Gramlich said...

I sure hope you are right about the future

Adorably Dead said...

If David Bowie's there, I wanna be there. :p