Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ben Affleck's Argo (2012) does great work in conveying the sense of dread and volatility surrounding the Iranian Revolution (1979-present) and American and Canadian diplomatic staff trapped in country in late 1979 and early 1980. Beyond this scary milieu, the added excitement is seeing plans conceived and then attempted to extricate six of the Americans without them being killed or imprisoned. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Added bonus: learning a little more about the situation then as backdrop to events in 2012 and right on down the pike through 2013 and beyond.

Argo stars Affleck (as CIA operative Tony Mendez), Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston, among a solid ensemble cast. As additional dramatic backdrop to the events shown in the film, there's Senator Teddy Kennedy's democratic primary challenge to President Jimmy Carter, blamed by Carter himself for his ultimate defeat in the 1980 general election. Kennedy later went on to defeat challenger Mitt Romney in the Massachusetts senatorial race in 1994. Indeed, the ghost of Ted Kennedy (1932-2009) hovers over both Argo and the 2012 presidential election.  

Here's an image of a stamp depicting the original Argo, the mythical ship that transported Jason and the Argonauts during their search for the Golden Fleece. Orpheus went along and saved the crew from the deadly song of the Sirens by playing his own music over them. Orpheus again?  Oh, yes. Argo/argos is derived in its Greek origins from something like "shining," last I checked.

Today's Rune: Joy. 


the walking man said...

Solving the entire middle east problem will happen when two things occur...we have sucked every drop of oil out of there (only 8 trillion bbls left) and let the Palestinians have their homeland back and carve out enough room for the Jewish refugees that stole it from them.

The Persians on the other hand sorry but we have to wipe out the Wahhabi of the House of Saud first then Iran will settle down for diplomacy.

Charles Gramlich said...

This does look interesting. I will definitely check it out. The previews have been tantilizing.

jodi said...

Erik, I will see this one for sure, but probably not until it hits cable. Love Ben A's retro look!

jodi said...

Erik, your 'robot proof' thing is frustrating. I swear, I can barely read that thing. I tried to say that I will see that movie, but probably not till it hits cable. I love Ben A's retro look.