Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comanche Nation: The Story of Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker

The Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker exhibit at the Fort Worth Public Library gathers together material artifacts and textual interpretation. Well-worth seeing. Cynthia Ann Parker (ca. 1827-1870) was captured by Comanche, Kiowa and Kichai warriors in 1836 and (renamed Naduah) with Peta Nocona (died ca. 1864) had three children, including Quanah Parker (ca. 1845-1911), who became a major leader in the final phase of the "Indian Wars" in and around Texas and Oklahoma. The exhibit runs through December 15, 2012. More information here:

Origin of the name Comanche. Nʉmʉnʉ / Numunu / The People.

Division of labor by gender.

One of Quanah Parker's breastplates.
More Comanche artifacts.
Today's Rune: Breakthrough.  

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