Thursday, January 10, 2013

Salim Akil: Sparkle


Salim Akil's Sparkle (2012), set in Detroit, begins in 1968. It's about a family system (a mother, three daughters and two male cousins not related to the primary group) within a historical framework, during the US-Vietnam War, after the '67 Riot, when music is central to the lives of many people during their coming of age.  It's also Whitney Houston's last film. Emma, the protective (and controlling) mother (Houston), would prefer her daughters to stay close to home and involved in church matters, but all three feel the pull of the greater world. One of them wants to go to medical school, but they all love music.

Several of Detroit's cultural treasures are showcased in Sparkle, ranging from Lafayette Coney Island (next to American Coney downtown), various downtown music venues like Cliff Bells and the Fillmore Detroit (the former Palms-State Theatre), The Painted Lady Lounge (formerly Lili's 21 Club) in Hamtramck, and one of my perennially favorite intimate cultural spots anywhere in the world, Baker's Keyboard Lounge.

Sparkle is a reimagined version (in different place and time) of the original 1976 version, which I haven't seen but have heard is pretty feeble compared to the new one.  

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Charles Gramlich said...

I saw some previews of it. Not likely something I'll see. Unless they've added aliens to the story line.