Monday, January 07, 2013

World Karma Comic-Comedian Russell Peters

When performing, stand-up comics have to be sharp and on their toes, prepared yet flexible. This line of work is not easy, and even less easy is financial success, wide recognition and influence.

I love a good comic-comedian as much as anyone, to laugh and be amazed at quick-thinking jabs and responses, to empathize. And to be enlightened into thinking about things from different angles.

Lately I checked out a fair sampling of comedy feauturing Indo-Canadian wordsmith-mimic-joker-observer Russell Peters.

This dude is a true world comic.

He can (and does) make references to the cultural peculiarities and foibles of all sorts of social groups. He can mimic formal language, local inflections and slang from Iraq to India to Indiana and beyond.

Funny guy. It seems as if his immediate audiences love him. Most do not take particular offense because he is coming at people and social groups from a global perspective, and with a seasoned Indo-Canadian understanding of how things work.

He enjoys close consideration of sounds, wording, names and the quirks of language, attitudes and stereotyping, all of it leading to a greater appreciation of the way things are.

Today's Rune: Wholeness.         


Charles Gramlich said...

I've always thought that had to be one of the Hardest jobs on the planet. I'm amazed at the people who do it really well.

t said...

You may like this blog/blogger - his recent stuff reminds me of you.