Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robot & Frank: Take Two

Jake Schreier's Robot & Frank (screenplay by Christopher D. Ford) is much more about human conciousness than artificial intelligence. Set "in the near future," it's not a dystopian science fiction, but rather a consideration of people and their changing yet interconnected environments and social systems.

How much do we project onto pets, or robots, or cars, or each other -- or onto ourselves? How important are our memories in maintaining our connections, and carrying about our lives, both on a daily basis and in the longterm? 

(Above: Brazilian edition. How much do we perceive through the scrim of our first language, and how do second languages open our conciousness to other ways of seeing?)

I love the Spanish language edition title: Un amigo para Frank -- a friend for Frank. Gives a different slant on what this is all about.

In this evolving "age" of digital technologies, robot helpers and flying drones, we need strong, grounding social connections more than ever.

Today's Rune: Partnership.   

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