Sunday, February 10, 2013


Chúc mừng năm mới: and so begins the Feast of the First Morning of the Year of the Water Snake, the new lunar calendar, and here we go . . . 

We blunder about within concepts of time that are mind-bending precisely because they run concurrently, simultaneously, one through another. Solar time, lunar time. Solar calendar, lunar calendar.

It's as tricky trying to unravel and cross-check calendars as it is to count backwards through "B.C." years, such as instantly comparing 33 B.C. (Before Christ) to 33 "C.E."  (Common Era).

Does anything really hold up if you look at it very closely?

But we can do it regardless. Damn the torpedoes! Somehow, it's possible to read handwritten scrawl and keyboarded fonts, decipher Roman numbers and Indo-Arabic numerals. Gestalt that and do it anyway.

Like leap of faith, fate, wraith, date, night, wight, deep, sleep. Dream on.

If you schedule yourself according to the twelve-month solar calendar, the thirteen-month lunar calendar is always shifting. End result?  Bewilderment. Twelve apostles, and Jesus makes thirteen. Twelve jurors. Baker's dozen. Never two without three.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.

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Adorably Dead said...

This is just adding to one of the many reasons I have no concept of time.