Saturday, March 16, 2013

Van Gogh in Hot Springs

Van Gogh did not visit Hot Springs, Arkansas, but if he were alive today, he'd probably derive inspiration from the interior of Angel's, an Italian place on Central, the main avenue in the historic district. There's a second Angel's (in the Park) attached to the Park Hotel (built in 1929). There's plenty of other art in Hot Springs, too -- ranging from various architectural creations through kitsch and formal museum (the MOCA, for example -- Museum of Contemporary Art, housed in the repurposed Ozark Bathouse, originally completed in 1922). Back at Angel's, besides the absorbing interior that includes a colorful gantry bar space, I usually go for appetizers like antipasto, crab cakes, bruschetta and house salad. However, everything looks good, from pizza to more upscale offerings. Spicy aromas add to the atmosphere. 

Besides Angel's, downtown Hot Springs eateries and watering holes that I've tried and liked at one time or another include: The Ohio Club (former gangster and performance haven); Rolando's Nuevo Latino Restauraunte (Ecuadorian); Granny's Kitchen (breakfast, with a couple of groovy Cuban posters in the way back); Andrews Restaurant and Bakery (Louisiana style, a second floor eatery with interesting interior, initially lured in by free beignets); the Venetian Dining Room at the Arlington (compare with The Shining); and Maxine's ("a former brothel," named after Maxine Temple Jones -- the Hot Springs equivalent of CBGB, with bands like the Legendary Shack Shakers and poetry nights, too). Not an eatery but also not far from Rolando's is the Mary Shrine, on a corner perch above St. Mary of the Springs Church, always worth a visit at different times, thanks to ever-changing ambient light.  

Today's Rune: Joy.   


the walking man said...

Free food would draw me into a restaurant too. Hot springs is a cool town to dip into.

jodi said...

Erik, sounds fun and I like to order apps for dinner too!