Monday, April 29, 2013

Ink and Paint

The difference between cursive handwriting and keyboard typing is like the difference between art forms, genres, styles and God knows what else. 

How is it that, provided we've learned how along the way, we can so easily "read" or "see" through the scrim of differences in both handwriting and keyboarding?

This must have something to do with the "Gestalt effect" of pattern recognition -- or is it pattern creation?

When we look at "the stars above' we tend to see shapes and either "recognize" those we've learned are called mythological names like "Orion's Belt" and "The Big Dipper," or we create/imagine/inscribe new patterns and names.

(Which reminds me: have you ever heard one of those ghastly ads? -- "You named a star for me?").

When we look at artwork it's the same deal. We aim to make sense of things most of the time. Our interpretations become looser and maybe more "surreal" when we're dreaming.


As far as differences in the choice department go, would you rather be keyboarding or getting waterboarded?

Today's Rune: Possessions.

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