Friday, April 05, 2013

Little Rock: The Arrival

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Last time I came to town, Bill Clinton had won the presidential election (first term) but was still at the Governor's Mansion -- January 1993. There'd been news vans and hubbub, but even then the city was easily navigable. Pictured here is the Capital Hotel (interior and exterior), built in 1872 (with an addition in 1887 and later restorations). Rallied with compadres from East Coast school days (Evan and San Antonio Bill) at the hotel bar after a general recon of the riverfront.  

There's a lot of history in Little Rock, no question, and some clever cultural development. I have only this constructive criticism: downtown could use a concentration of housing, such as apartments and condos, to bring it to critical mass and frisson. Whatever it takes, make it happen!  (And a secondary observation: some of the busiest street corners are a little too close to the roadways, so that cars come wooshing dangerously by in a fleeting second where pedestrians are most at risk of being clipped).  

One of the nifty-fifty bridges over the Arkansas River. Can you see the submarine "crouching" on the far shore?

Blue Line streetcar. I love it!

Legacy Hotel & Suites -- second oldest such building in Little Rock today, after the Capital. Originally the Hotel Frederica (1913), it was enlarged in the 1930s-1940s and (as the "Sam Peck") in 1960. It became the Legacy about ten years ago.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Not a bad little city, although I haven't ever spent much time there.