Tuesday, April 02, 2013

On the Road to Catch On the Road On the Big Screen

Much to yak about when it comes to Walter Salles' On the Road (2012), the movie version of Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957) as augmented by the raunchier, sadder "scroll" draft.

In the USA at this juncture in 2013, you have to pretty much take sail to find On the Road on the silver screen. I don't know what happened to distribution, but I do know this: the box office proceeds for On the Road are sixteen times more outside the US than inside it. I mean, I know On the Road doesn't have the widespread appeal of Operation Dumbo Drop or March of the Ten Penguins or whatnot, but come on, peoples -- American fiction writers and poets don't get no respect in their own country. Support your local sheriff! 

Seriously, there may be prodigious amounts of marijuana, Benzedrine and alcohol in On the Road, as well as a lot of sexual talk and innuendo (no particularly graphic sex, or not much), but why not give it a whirl anyway?  Because it really is worth seeing on the big screen -- a much more pleasant experience than seeing Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master (2012) -- even though Amy Adams is in both (and has a bigger role in The Master), even though both The Master and On the Road have a migrant worker section and even though The Master and On the Road are set in the relatively near past -- mostly in the wake of the Second World War, with a Korean War soon to come.

More about On the Road in the near future, I suspect, dig or no dig. 

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