Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tartarus-Tantalized Tantalus

The gaze. The reach. The water. The fruit. Tantalus!

If only you had a thousand ducats, a million bucks. Ten thousand clams, a dozen smackeroos. The original G. His kingdom for a horse. So close, yet so far.


Another great assault on the psyche -- ego -- desire. Is it really there? Can you really reach it?  Can you grasp victory from the jaws of defeat?  Who will wear the crown?  

Today's Rune: Possessions.  


the walking man said...

Seems to run parallel to the Eden story when God kicked them out of the garden and barred the ay to the tree of life.

jodi said...

Erik, I used to think that it was all in my grasp. I still do, but my expectations have morphed over time to much more realistic ideals. Boring, huh?