Friday, July 19, 2013

The Seventh Floor

Checked out the Seventh Floor over in Dallas. That is, the Seventh Floor of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, in the run-up to the 50th anniversay of the JFK assassination. The space reminds me of Andy Warhol and The Factory. I can imagine a lot of cultural events happening here in the near future, one floor above the Oswald perch and the main historical display area. 
Whereas the Sixth Floor was jammed with people from all over the place, the Seventh Floor remains underdiscovered and underexplored so far.
In the past, there have been special displays on the Seventh Floor, even when the whole thing wasn't opened up yet. I saw a Jack Ruby display, for instance, a couple years ago, that included his infamous hat from 1963.

Here's a link to the museum in case you're interested in more details.  

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.   

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jodi said...

Erik-I love that cool pic of Jackie O. Also the groovy loft space.