Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mystic Chords of Memory

The March on Washington at Fifty. Where are we going, where have we been? The world, that is. Our world.

Check out "Los liberadores de la conciencia" above. What, no women? We'll consider that in another post. But these four men -- attacked, mocked, ridiculed, three out of four jailed or imprisoned, three out of four assassinated by other men -- stay with us like the Donovan song, "The Hurdy Gurdy Man." I for one am thankful for their efforts and their vision and their example:

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi (1869-1948)
Nelson Mandela (1918-present)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

Of course there are and have been many others, men and women, with sympatico beliefs, yet these particular men stand out appropriately on this date in 2013, exactly fifty years after King's "I Have a Dream" speech at the Great March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.   

Today's Rune: Fertility. 

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Erik-Muchas gracias from me too!