Monday, August 12, 2013

The Art of the Brick

Dropped by the Captain White House on 213 South Main Street in Graham, North Carolina, to see for myself Nathan Sawaya's "The Art of the Brick®" exhibition put on by the Almance County Arts Council. Nifty-fifty. Weird. Interesting. LEGO® sculptures. Sawaya is a lawyer-turned-artist. His stuff is exhibited all over the world. In case you were wondering about the family name, it's of Lebanese (and area) origin, dating back to the Crusades. How cool is that?

As a kid, for some reason I was more into Tinkertoys than LEGO®, but both inspire miniature construction projects, engineering and architectural design -- and installation art. I probably liked Tinkertoys better because they were made out of wood instead of plastic. The Tinkertoy Construction Set (owned by Hasbro) will celebrate its first 100 years in 2014. LEGO® dates to 1949. Anything like this in your life's arc?

Today's Rune: Joy.  

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Charles Gramlich said...

I grew up in pre-legos days. Played some with a Tinker-toy set. Liked that quite a lot. Played with my son's legos when he was little.