Friday, September 13, 2013

In the Shadow of the Sun

When you can't beat the heat, perambulate carefully in the shadow of the sun. Here, stone and water, shade and verdure. 
Shadow and hot sun. Lyle Lovett comes to Bass Hall and above, trumpets blow. 
Flatiron Building (1907). Compare with the original 1902 structure in Manhattan. 23 Skidoo! 
JFK Tribute, Fort Worth, Texas. To the left, the former Hotel Texas, now the Hilton Fort Worth. 
Wood, cloud and shadow, sunlight and tree.

Today's Rune: Harvest.   


the walking man said...

Did you get Detrooit's Friday follies. The emergency managers talking monkey, Gary Brown, said they lost two legs of a five leg city owned power grid and because municipal buildings were not turning off a/c's fast enough he simply threw the switch trapping people in elevators, fark stairways, stopped traffic lights from working. Then Smiled as he said (paraphrasing) Fuck 'em, they did not respond fast enough for us. no big deal we are turning each building back on one by one long enough to get the elevators down to the first floor. Next time they'll obey the Master faster.

I wonder what the judges of 36th district thought about it when they found it was an intentional without warning black out in near 100 degree 95% humidity afternoon weather? Oh a 1 man government is so suuhhweeeeeeeet.

jodi said...

Erik, thanks for the glimse of a very fair city!