Monday, October 07, 2013

Interview with the Buddha

I go back to artwork and gardens -- antidotes to prolix patter. 
What is the sound of 
cellphone clapping?
Pablo Neruda, Muchos Somos / We Are Many (1970)

Of the many . . . whom I am, whom we are,
I cannot settle on a single one.
They are lost to me under the cover of clothing,
they have departed for another city. . .

De tantos hombres que soy, que somos,

no puedo encontrar a ninguno:
se me pierden bajo la ropa,
se fueron a otra ciudad.
While I am writing, I am far away;
and when I come back, I have already left.
I should like to see if the same thing happens
to other people as it does to me,
to see if as many people are as I am,
and if they seem the same way to themselves.
When this . . . has been thoroughly explored,
I am going to school myself so well in things
that, when I try to describe my choices,

I shall speak, not of self, but of geography.

Mientras escribo estoy ausente

y cuando vuelvo ya he partido:
voy a ver si a las otras gentes
les pasa lo que a mí me pasa,
si son tantos como soy yo,
si se parecen a sí mismos
y cuando lo haya averiguado
voy a aprender tan bien las cosas
que para explicar mis problemas

les hablaré de geografía.
Does wireless have 
the Buddha nature?

Today's Rune: The Mystery Rune. 

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jodi said...

Erik- On days when I forget my cell phone, I feel much more present in the moment. I love not having it cluttering up my head!