Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sœur Sourir: The Singing Nun

Back in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, at my parents' place while looking through books, I came across a small sheaf of facsimile watercolors created by Sœur Sourir.  The images, sort of like pen and ink drawings with a light wash of color, triggered a rush of memories from early childhood, starting with the echo of Sœur Sourir's super-mega-radio-hit "Dominique" and proceeding through my Aunt Denise's recounting of her student exchange experiences in Argentina; my two sisters singing and playing; and closely related matters like acoustic guitars, AM radio, small portable record players and reel-to-reel tapes.  

The Singing Nun, the Flying Nun, Patty Duke, all sorts of things are now floating back into the mind's eye.

Eventually I was curious to ask: what ever happened to Sœur SourirSister Smile?  

That strange tale, my friends, will be the subject of another post soon to come. 

Today's Rune: Breakthrough.    

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the walking man said...

All I had to do was read the words Singing Nun...even though she was a Dominican nun the Sisters of the IHM loved her---incessantly.

I liked the look of the Sœur Sourir different.