Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale

Digging the descriptive texture of Jay Bremyer's The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale (1996). The weird thing is: where did I pick this up? When? Why? Furthermore: did I? Must have been serendipity. Synchronicity. Kismet. A dream made real. 
Set in Córdoba, the novel gives a tantalizing glimpse into another world, a shimmering one so intimate and present yet also distant. 

As Bremyer notes in his preface: "Here the kingdom of al-Andalus had become, by the tenth century [A.D. or C.E.], one of the greatest kingdoms in the world, strong enough to host and protect scholars, musicians, poets, physicians, scientists, theologians, philosophers, and heretics of all persuasions. . ." (page 9). Amen to that. 

Today's Rune: Partnership.  


the walking man said...

America was like that once, then we brought and paid the Nazi scientists who got us into space and contaminated the soul of the nation.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like a book I could fall in love with. Got to see if can get this one.