Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Player Piano

For decades, this player piano featured in family gatherings and holiday celebrations. I remember most of the music rolls we'd play -- via the kickstand's foot pedals -- songs ranging from "Up a Lazy River" to "Those Were the Days" to the Batman theme. Those were the days, indeed, days now rolling on, "slipping, slipping, slipping . . . into the future . . ."
You can change the tempo manually with a lever, speeding up or down the music roll, and you can go forward or backward the same way, like a time traveler. 

Works as a regular piano, too.

Today's Rune: Journey.      

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Adorably Dead said...

I always thought player pianos were cool as a kid. I had no idea they did all that, or that they even had rolls for the Batman theme song. Their relevance went a lot further then I thought.