Monday, December 02, 2013

Alexander Payne: Nebraska

Alexander Payne's Nebraska (2013) is a great film! I will revisit once it's made the rounds. Bruce Dern and the whole cast eat up their roles, heartily mixing humor (sometimes bracing) and family. "Have a beer with your old man. Be somebody!"

Gleefully depressing, Nebraska is in part a coming of age story for two of the male characters. Never too late -- one is Woody Grant (Bruce Dern, now 77) and the other is his youngest son, David (Will Forte, 43). Nailed it. The other thing that may jump out at audiences: Nebraska is shot in black and white, which suits it well. If it had to be graded, this film would deserve an A. 

Today's Rune:  Separation (Reversed).  


Charles Gramlich said...

I just saw Diggstown with Bruce Dern in it. Very good movie.

jodi said...

Erik-the reviews have been great and I will plan to see this one.