Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walking Cities: Philadelphia in Snow, Number One

Philadelphia is an excellent walking city, regardless of weather. 

This is the Swann Memorial Fountain completed in the 1920s -- just a decade shy of a century ago. Logan Circle is literally a circle within a much larger square -- Logan Square. 

By the way: happy birthday to Abraham Lincoln! He walked this same space in its earlier incarnation during the American Civil War. 

Here 150 years later, those are Japanese folks to the left checking it all out, and those are statues of river gods to the right, guarding the fountain. In case you were wondering, water flows more freely here in balmier months. 
Benjamin Franklin Parkway on the other side of Logan Circle.  That's the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the far side -- the front steps of which some dude named Rocky ran up. You know, in a certain bicentennial year movie.
Same direction, but from closer to the Swann Fountain. Free Library of Philadelphia (Central Library) to the right. I walked the whole area recently in sub-freezing temps with great joy.  

Today's Rune: Journey. 


Charles Gramlich said...

Parts of New Orleans are certainly great for walking. I enjoy it

the walking man said...

I remember Philadelphia very well...except for the times I was trippin' Loved LSD and that art Museum.

Adorably Dead said...

I haven't been to Philadelphia since the 5th grade. Perhaps it's time to go back. :p Such pretty pictures.