Thursday, February 06, 2014

Whatever *That* Was

Social expressions are so funny we almost forgot to laugh. Seriously. I still hear, from time to time, little interactions like these ones I heard among kids and adults growing up. Home schooled children may be missing out on some of these rich proclamations.

Such as:

Give it back!
You take that back!
Say you don't mean it!

And older kids/adults:

Get out of my face!
Get off my back!
Get out of my hair!
That's none of your business!
Get out of my business!
Give me a [modified -ing] break!
He [or she] is being a real a pain in the [X, Y or Z].
Do you hear me?
You heard me.

All of these make me chuckle -- as an observer.

Some people just can't fathom [or phantom or famine] such social interactions. How about you?

Today's Rune:  The Mystery Rune. 


Erik Donald France said...

"Stop picking on me!" is another one. Haha.

Charles Gramlich said...

Such things are commonly painful for us introverts.

Erik Donald France said...

It's only funny on a theoretical level, Cringe-worthy for all parties actually & emotionally involved, like Lord of the Flies in action. . .

jodi said...

Erik-I suppose I am guilty sometimes, but nearly as much as when I was younger. I prefer cussing and slang!