Friday, April 18, 2014

Pilgrimage to Memphis: Done Gone to Graceland

O seasons, O castles, 
What soul is without flaws? 

(Arthur Rimbaud, circa 1871)

Life is the farce we are all forced to endure.

(Rimbaud, A Season in Hell, 1873).
I believe I am in Hell, and so I am there.

(Rimbaud, A Season in Hell, 1873).
"I say one must be a seer, make oneself a visionary. The poet makes himself a seer by an immense, long, deliberate derangement of all the senses."

(Rimbaud letter, 1871)
Once, I remember well, my life was a feast where all hearts opened and all wines flowed.

(Rimbaud, 1873).

Elvis Presley (1935-1977), RIP.

Today's Rune: Movement.  

Note: English translations of Rimbaud (1854-1891) derived from Wikiquote (open source). I changed a translated word in one instance, from "seer" to "visionary."


Tom Sarmo said...

Cool juxtaposition of Rimbaud and Presley. Ah, the arts...

Charles Gramlich said...

egads. That couch!

the walking man said...

Elvis will never be able to leave the building.

jodi said...

Erik-all hearts opened and all wines flowed. Love it!