Friday, April 11, 2014

Whatever Subject

I'm happy, pleased and proud to have fulfilled another long-standing goal in my life's quest: reading the complete essays of Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), a beautiful set, 1045 pages in Frame's translation, very rooted in Montaigne's times but also in classical Greco-Roman antiquity, a double bonus.

Montaigne has a very contemporary feel. One can easily imagine having a conversation with him in the 21st century; nor would he be surprised by much today even though more than 400 years have passed since he completed his life's work. Montaigne is the epitome of humanity in our most thoughtful and self-reflective moments.

"Any topic is equally fertile for me . . . Let me begin with whatever subject I please, for all subjects are linked with one another."  

-- Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Works: Essays, Travel Journals, Letters. Translated by Donald M. Frame. New York, London, Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. Everyman's Library 259. Pages 810-811.  

My philosophy exactly, the primary rationale behind "Erik's Choice."

Today's Rune: The Mystery Rune. 


Charles Gramlich said...

That's a lot of reading. I've read bits and pieces here and there but nothing systematic.

jodi said...

Erik-Great words that suit you perfectly. I think I told you that the name de Montaigne came up in my family research!