Sunday, May 04, 2014

Dreams of Daylight, Totems at Midnight

Seek and we shall find. . . Walking around in various places and at different times and seasons can be eye-opening, energizing to the inner realms of consciousness.

Seeing a great "tree" triggers a mirrored memory, a Gestalt effect, a tree totem, a symbol in a dream. We come to a "real" tree and its realness is refracted through our consciousness . . . 

In encountering a great oak tree, what is "real" and what is a "vision?"
The image of this "praying turtle" can refract through our consciousness into a totem, a symbol, recognizable to others by the Gestalt effect. Turtle clan. Cave painting. Cartoon "Reality."
All well and good about totems and dreams. But here, I wonder what this is all about? "The congregation of the turtles in sunlight." 
Saw the ears first, even deep in the woods. Pattern and shape recognition.

". . . many birds and sea mammals have the ability to sleep with only one hemisphere of the brain at a time, called unihemispheric sleep . . ."  (Kat Duff, The Secret Life of Sleep, Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2014, page 108). 

To wit, the phrase "to sleep with one eye open."
When night falls, follow the trail and dream again. 

"There is the ordinary sense of time we share with others and experience as the passage of events with a distinct past, present, and future, and another extraordinary perception of a sacred time in which all that has been and will be is folded into the present moment . . . " (Kat Duff, The Secret Life of Sleep, page 97).

Today's Rune: Defense.   


Charles Gramlich said...

Lana got a bunch of pics of deer yesterday morning. I've seen lots of those rafts of turtles on trees like that. Always a rather cool sight.

the walking man said...

If sleep ever returns there may be a possibility of coming to the dream state again. If sleep ever...

Erik Donald France said...

Charles -- excellent convergences of synchronicity and seasons!

Walking Man: Good luck slipping back into the dream state. . .