Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blondie Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux

Music packaging goes back and forth across a spectrum of formatting styles: record albums, CDs, downloads and anything else you might imagine or remember. It's probably a good idea -- and a fun one -- to change things up in such a present (or absent) age of digital fragmentation.  Sampling (or re-sampling) vinyl and CD sets, for instance. There's something inherently coherent in a container or vessel of related tracks reinforced with related text and images -- and man does this take me back. 

With Blondie's latest release (at least the version I received in the physical mail via online ordering) -- if you decide to check it out -- you'll be treated to a generous three-disc package: Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux, Ghosts of Download and a DVD, Blondie Live at CBGB 1977.  

I gave all a quick look and listen and am now settling in on a multiple re-listening experience with Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux, feeling like The Man Who Fell Into a Slightly Different Universe. Why? Blondie re-recorded ten out of eleven of their most salient tracks -- in the studio. A nifty-fifty idea, and it works. "Why they do that?" No idea -- but I love it!  This is smashing for the neural passageways -- listening for slight variations in beloved songs, and digging them all over again. 
Trust me, you "might well could" sleep better while dreaming big to this groovy new Blondie synthesis. 

More on the rest of it at some point soon, I suspect.
Today's Rune: Breakthrough.  


Charles Gramlich said...

I actually liked a fair amount of Blondie's music, though I seem to have forgotten most of it now.

the walking man said...

A redux; isn't that another way of saying we remember all the chords and words to these ones?