Monday, June 02, 2014

Long Has Paled That Sunny Sky

When I was a kid, there were eateries that are now gone, or long gone from the way they were. On AMC's Mad Men this season, Burger Chef is big -- it's 1969, okay? All across the USA . . .

From the 1970s, I recall going with friends and family upon occasion to Howard Johnson's (which had places strategically dotting the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and just off I-85 in Durham, North Carolina, near my Dad's office). And also we went once in a while out to Lum's, Pappy's or Shakey's. 

In the interest of heading off cultural amnesia, there's a start. (Click on any of these images to see the full menu).

The Lum's menu included this: large frosted schooners of dark Ballentine beer  -- fifty cents. 

In 1978 in the USA, the minimum wage was set at $2.65 per hour, which is equivalent as of this post to about $7.60 per hour in 2014. That's the weirdness that is inflation through time's looking glass. 

Lum's famous hot dog steamed in beer with sherry flavored sauerkraut -- thirty-five cents. Yum, yum.
"It's A-Delish!" Pappy's bill of fare features its own T-bone steak platter for $3.75! And lots of "fresh dough pizza." A small "Woiks" pizza, "Your Heart's Desire -- the Kitchen Sink" -- $2.30.

Let's not forget Shakey's, either. A pitcher of generic beer for $1.50. A bottle of Carta Blanca for fifty cents. "Louisiana Shrimp," "Portuguese Linguica" or "Mexican Sausage" (Chorizo) -- single ten inch pizzas for $1.80. Woohoo! "No extra charge for take-out orders." Mad merriment, indeed.

What else you gots out there in the memory noodle? 

"Long has paled that sunny sky." -- Lewis Carroll.

Today's Rune: Protection.   


Charles Gramlich said...

Shakeys, I've heard of. Growing up out in the country in Arkansas we just didn't see fast food places. There was one in Fort Smith called Sandy's we used to stop at once in a great while.

jodi said...

Erik-what a menu! In Alpena we did not have even a McDonalds till I was in high school. We had a mom and pop drive up that had the best onion rings!