Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Madrid: La Oreja de Jaime

La Oreja de Jaime, Calle de la Cruz 15 (very near its V intersection with Calle de la Victoria), Madrid, España. Here: a basket of Galician green peppers ~ pimientos de Padrón.
La Oreja de Jaime in the mirror. I love this place. It's got a cool energy, it's small, the food is real tasty and the wine's easy to like, too. What's not to love? 
La Oreja de Jaime is so groovy a place we ate here again, a few days after the first sampling of tapas. The skewers of spiced meats are excellent; I also liked these oiled mushroom tops adorned with what appear to be scampi; additionally, there are enough types of ham and pigs' ear type things for any taste so suited, as well as other choices of tapas.
I love the Pimientos de Padrón almost beyond belief, given the nature of green peppers. I mean, peppers? Hell, yeah ~ !

We first tried La Oreja de Jaime because of a nifty take on it by Rick Steves (in his Spain 2014 travel book), and because of its name association with two of my siblings (Victoria aka Vickie and Jamie, here spelled Jaime). Plus, it's an easy walk from Puerta del Sol by way of a short scenic (several additional eateries and bars to see) route. 
God willing, I'll be back. In the meantime, where can I find some more of those good peppers?

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I want those mushrooms!